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Gain more control over your IT Infrastructure

Most businesses use public cloud services, but they also depend on mission-critical legacy applications that require a private hosted cloud environment. Private cloud solutions deliver all the benefits of public cloud, with more control and access to your data, all behind your own firewall. Experience advanced security, no downtime, and optimized speeds for a robust cloud system for your business.

Flexible. Secure. Agile.

Managed private clouds allow for better security and customization. Organizations gain more control, flexibility, and agility with private cloud solutions, but they also are able to reduce maintenance costs through outsourced IT management.

How your business can benefit from a private cloud environment:

Private Cloud Partners

Approyo’s solutions for private cloud allow you to modernize your current IT environment or implement a brand-new infrastructure built to your needs. Simplify and automate your existing workloads in a modernized environment and develop new applications on premises. Our global team of certified and trained IT experts are available 24/7 to support your systems. Our staff comes from all types of backgrounds, with years of experience in deployments, migrations, support and security and expertise of multiple platforms. Approyo is a certified SAP HANA and Cloud Services provider, and a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Approyo’s Private Cloud Solutions

Approyo offers hosting and management for your private cloud environment. Whether you want to keep your data securely stored in our global data centers or need management for your infrastructure located in your own data center, we can help you make the most of your IT environment. Our managed services for private cloud give you the flexibility and agility you need for tomorrow’s business needs.

Managed Private Cloud

If you don’t have the internal resources, managing any cloud environment on premise can be a challenge. We act as an external IT team, providing support, maintenance, upgrades, and remote management of your private cloud solution. We can manage your storage, servers, applications, desktops, and data centers, saving you time to focus on your business goals.

Hosted Private Cloud

Minimize infrastructure costs by hosting your systems in our data centers. Our experts will work with you to customize the best private cloud solutions based on your requirements. We provide flexibility for use of three-tier converged and hyperconverged infrastructures to achieve your goals for performance, scalability, and storage.

Private Cloud Design & Implementation

A public cloud isn’t always the best solution for every business. Companies that turn to a private cloud solution often do for the security benefits. Management of a private cloud environment can be complex if you don’t have the internal staff to monitor and support your systems. Approyo acts as an external IT team to host your systems in our data centers, while making sure you are compliance ready and secure.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine your private cloud with the capabilities of public cloud. We combine the management of hardware across multiple public clouds with private cloud in our own data centers. You decide which resources will go in the cloud and which will stay on premise along with what type of server or cloud infrastructure you want to use.

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