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The Secure-By-Design Difference

Managed Security Protection 24/7/365

As threats grow more rampant and become increasingly hostile, keeping up with the complexities of today’s ever-changing security landscape requires a comprehensive and scalable security approach. To gain access to the necessary knowledge and tools to confront security issues many companies are turning to outsourcing partners.

Our Services

24/7 security event monitoring with built-in automation to decrease detection and response time

Detect, analyze, and block threats to individual devices before your network becomes compromised

Our light-weight monitoring solution standardizes what is gathered, where it is stored, and how it can be utilized

Fix vulnerabilities and keep your applications up to date and running smoothly

Understand trends and identify risks so you can act before problems arise

Enjoy the transparency of our platform and see what our analysts see, managed from a single pane of glass

Consultation with our experts to review security and performance issues in your network and develop plans for addressing them

Understand who has access to what and identify unauthorized accounts

Bridge Your Security Gap for Total Peace of Mind

Approyo’s security experts are here to safeguard your business-critical data. Our propriety platform, Overwatch, monitors your cloud and on-premise environments in real time, providing actionable information to ensure your data remains secure and private.

The Benefits


Accelerated identification and remediation


Reduced Costs


Minimized Risk


First-class Protection


Real-time, 24/7 Monitoring


Dedicated team of IT Experts

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