SAP on Azure Whitepaper

Approyo Whitepaper

SAP and Microsoft work better together.

The cloud has grown in popularity in recent times, slowly becoming the norm. SAP and Microsoft have partnered to provide cloud services, utilizing each other's capabilities to create an intelligent enterprise cloud. They created a certified public cloud infrastructure, to allow the deployment of SAP on Azure, providing agility, reliability, scalability, and more.

Together, the solution is able to support large instances and has the flexibility to form it to your needs. SAP on Azure was created to ensure reduction of complexity, and availability, along with all of the benefits that come along with advanced analytics and data. Having your SAP system in the cloud makes it possible for users to access data, applications, and services over the Internet. The cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware, such as hard drives and servers – and gives users the ability to work from anywhere. We highlight the flexibility, security, scalability, reliability.

In this Whitepaper we highlight the features of SAP on Azure:

        • Current problems with on-premise systems
        • The SAP HANA deadline
        • Why SAP on Azure?
        • Benefits of Moving Your SAP Workloads to Azure
        • The Approyo Roadmap
        • Migration options
        • TCO
        • Statistics
        • Why Partner With Approyo?


SAP MADE SIMPLE - With Approyo

Approyo is a partner of both SAP and Microsoft, making us a perfect fit to manage your systems. We are a global Cloud centric solutions provider, providing full SAP technology, including solutions architecture, hosting, managed services, and IT support. We Make SAP Simple, learn more about us.

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