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Transitioning to the cloud requires a deep understanding of the process, end to end. To be successful, understanding your applications and infrastructure is necessary to determine the best possible journey to the cloud and what types of changes and resources will be used.

Approyo provides a comprehensive discovery and assessment service to help accelerate your digital transformation journey. By gathering data about your existing infrastructure, we compile a complete inventory list of your systems, applications, and more to perform a cloud-readiness report, identify valuable opportunities, and evaluate your options for a new and improved cloud environment.

Approyo’s Process

Our dedicated team of IT experts map out the entire process from beginning to end so you can better understand the timeframe and services that will be used. We start by evaluating your business, choosing which solutions to migrate and perform proof-of-concept based on the assessed and agreed-upon scenarios. Our IT team then goes on to implement or migrate your system based on best practices, with options for ongoing support and monitoring after project completion.

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We help design a strategy custom-built for your unique objectives and needs. Our range of services blends innovative processes, expert experience, and global reach to create successful IT transformations for our clients.

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