Disaster Recovery

Safeguard Your Critical Systems From Data Loss

Reduce Business Risks, Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Disaster recovery concerns the process by which an organization responds to a business continuity disaster to restore their business operations. These disasters may be natural, from floods to fires, technological, including power outages and hardware failures, or man-made, be it accidental or through intentional cyber attacks.

The impact of interrupted service or lost data can be considerable. Loss of revenue, potential supply chain disruptions, significant recovery costs, and diminished reputation can all result. It therefore becomes essential for companies to build the right disaster recovery plan (DRP) for their business.

A DRP is an organization’s documented process detailing what recovery actions are to occur in the event of a disaster. A successful recovery plan facilitates rapid recovery, regardless of the source of the disaster, has clearly defined goals (RPOs and RTOs), and centers on the mission critical.

Minimize downtime and resultant losses

Safeguard against natural disasters

Avoid business reputation damage

Network management

Ability to test

Meet compliance regulations


Our Business Continuity Service

At Approyo, our team of experts are experienced in managing both application-based as well as cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, so we can craft a plan that will align to your infrastructure and scale to your needs. We’ll provide an initial risk assessment analysis, look at detailed implementation options, from prevention to recovery, and review testing and maintenance schedules to ensure that your organization is prepared for any outage or disruption.

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