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With the many cloud computing platforms in the IT landscape today, organizations are more often choosing to adopt multiple clouds in both public and private environments. In fact, today, 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy.1 Although multi-cloud and hybrid strategies give organizations more flexibility, your applications are distributed across different environments, creating challenges for effective application development when it comes to cost management, security, and compliance.

Multi Cloud

What is Multi-Cloud?

Instead of depending on a single cloud vendor, a multi-cloud strategy allows organizations to access cloud services from two or more public cloud platforms simultaneously. These cloud platforms often include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Oracle Cloud. By building out multiple public cloud environments, you can pick and choose what types of data you want where and gain access to leading-edge services to quickly grow your business.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud strategy combines both private cloud and public cloud with your on-premise infrastructure, creating a single optimized infrastructure. This allows you to share your data and applications between your different instances. Organizations can take advantage of the best capabilities from multiple cloud computing providers, while organizing each workload and securing data fit to their needs. Not all data belongs in the public cloud, which is why many companies are switching to a hybrid approach to access the benefits of both public and private cloud.

What are the Benefits of a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Approach?

Both strategies bring the freedom of choice to any organization. The flexibility gives you the ability to invest in digital transformation with mix of durable, scalable solutions to maximize the value of your data. Here are some specific benefits:

Supported Clouds

Approyo enables organizations to leverage the best tools and technologies on the market by providing innovative solutions from multiple hyperscale cloud providers

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Approyo streamlines your digital strategy, so you can transform your business quickly and effectively through cloud hosting and management solutions that are reliable, affordable, and scalable. Our experts design a fully interconnected infrastructure solution for your private and public clouds, and have the ability to deploy, manage, and modernize your applications, freeing you from the daily complexities of IT. We work in the background to ensure that not only is your infrastructure operating efficiently, but that is optimized to meet tomorrow’s needs too.

Approyo is ready to help you find new business opportunities, gain more value from your data, and maximize your investment in the cloud.

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