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Approyo SAP HANA Case Study:
Saving the Trucking Industry with HANA

The American trucking industry is critical to the lives of every person living in the United States. If the trucks stopped rolling, the grocery store shelves would be empty within 48 hours. And yet, this industry is still run with technology built during deregulation in the 1980’s. AS/400 based operating systems are common place, and even the more modern systems are built on technology platforms that are over 10 years old.

Covenant Transportation Group (CTG) is a top 50 for hire carrier in the trucking industry. With three asset based operating companies and 3500 drivers, it has a 30 year history of serving a variety of market segments and customers. In early 2014, CTG decided to commit to a new technology initiative: predictive modeling and advanced analytics. After a competitive bidding process, CTG selected the SAP Predictive Analytics package over SAS and IBM SPSS solutions. It quickly became apparent that to get the most out of this software suite, speed and power on the database side would be critical.

Enter SAP HANA powered by Approyo for CTG. By harnessing the power of SAP HANA and taking relevant weather, driver, critical event, routing and logistic data and creating one of a kind predictive analysis, CTG is able to get the right driver matched to the right freight, supported in the right way to get from the shipper to the receiver safely, efficiently, and happily.


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