Top 3 SAP Monitoring Tools Your Company Should Be Using

November 10, 2022

SAP has been around for more than four decades, helping businesses both big and small oversee the performance of mission-critical tasks. It has become an invaluable part of business operations. In fact, the global SAP cloud platform industry is expected to grow by over 30% to reach an estimated $7 billion by 2032. And yet, troubleshooting in SAP is still quite inadequate. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to find the right SAP monitoring tools to track performance.

Having a slow or inefficient SAP application can ultimately affect revenue. Since it uses various layers like HANA, Java stack, and more, it’s vital to monitor all aspects to ensure in-depth visibility and accurate diagnosis. It can save a lot of time and a considerable amount of revenue as well.

SAP monitoring tools can help industries automate the most delicate parts of their business—even the ones prone to human error. Tasks such as tracking manual changes, generating manual SLR reports, and annual auditing take a huge amount of time and are susceptible to slip-ups. An effective monitoring tool can solve these issues.

What to Look For When Choosing the Right SAP Monitoring Tools

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With the number of SAP monitoring tools available on the market, it can be confusing to know what to look for. Some only monitor a particular type of system, while others provide limited functionality. The best tools are the ones that are user-friendly and support all the necessary features critical to a business. They should also be able to handle full-stack end-to-end monitoring along with quick report generation and faster response time.

An objective way of comparing features is to look at each tool’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a complete checklist of the things to consider when evaluating SAP monitoring tools:

1. Easy to Use and Maintain

Time is money, and any tool that makes business operations efficient and saves time is worth considering. This includes how much time, skills, effort, and overall resources are needed to install, maintain, and deploy the tool.

Another important aspect of choosing an SAP monitoring tool is knowing the infrastructure requirements, whether it’s on the cloud or on-site, agent or agentless. Business owners should choose the one best suited for their business needs.

2. Reliable Analysis and Data Collection

Another key point to consider when evaluating SAP monitoring tools is the analysis method it uses and how efficiently and reliably it can collect the data. These methods can include agents, native calls, APIs, and web services. Moreover, a tool that can self-monitor data collection will be useful as well.

3. Monitoring Options

This is probably the most important metric for choosing the best possible tool. Monitoring options include things like infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring, container monitoring, application performance monitoring, cloud monitoring, and more. These options give complete control over the SAP model and save businesses a lot of time.

4. Recovery Options

When it comes to updating systems and upgrading infrastructure, having a recovery option is crucial in the uneventful case of a system crash. The biggest indicators of a good recovery option are how easy it is to run commands and scripts at the time of need and whether the recovery options work across platforms.

5. Capable of Process Automation

Automation makes SAP monitoring easier. Look for features such as automating IT operation checklists and workflows.

6. Delivery Reports

Finally, check the reporting features. Having automated and customized reports are necessary to gain timely insights. Look at whether the reports are static or dynamic and whether they can be filtered further to present valuable data.

Good SAP monitoring tools will have report scheduling, automation, and other features like the ability to download the report for deep analysis.

The Best SAP Monitoring Tools


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Using the above criteria, here are the three best SAP monitoring tools available today:

1. Approyo

Approyo’s Overwatch is an intelligent enterprise monitoring system that helps with SAP management. It also monitors complex tasks to make sure a business reaches its desired success. Overwatch can help businesses gain complete control over IT infrastructures like cloud applications, servers, networks, and more. In addition, there are features like predictive analysis and application monitoring to help businesses monitor SAP without sacrificing any important features.

What sets Approyo’s Overwatch apart from others are the powerful automation tools that help manage all the valuable aspects of SAP easily and efficiently. It provides advanced hosting and managed services, along with more than 500 SAP environments. Businesses can receive support for everything from production landscapes to migrations onto SAP S/4 HANA.

2. DynaTrace

DynaTrace simplifies the cloud complexity and manages SAP with several useful features. It also adopts artificial intelligence across full-stack to deliver a secure digital experience.

The user experience, however, is not that good. The initialization process is complicated, and it takes a lot of time to both setup and provide transactions. In other words, setting up can be difficult, especially for beginners who aren’t trained for it.

3. Avantra

Avantra is an automated SAP monitoring tool that focuses on intelligent automation. The tool’s user experience is great, and the advanced reporting functionality is very beneficial for companies. Moreover, Avantra also provides graphs, which make it easier for companies to get complete control over each aspect of SAP.

On the other hand, when it comes to the notifications that Avantra provides, they are usually hard to understand and can get cluttered easily. This makes troubleshooting quite difficult.

Which SAP Monitoring Tools Should Your Company Be Using?

The end goal for any company is to provide quality service to customers while remaining profitable. Monitoring SAP performance can generate valuable insights for a business.

SAP monitoring tools are quite important because they relieve employee stress, eliminate unnecessary manual work, provide valuable data, and save a ton of money for companies. Selecting the right tool is also essential to leverage growth.

The best solution for every business is an in-depth SAP monitoring tool that has multiple functionalities. Those in need of a tool that has all the necessary features for SAP success can check out Approyo today.

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