Cloud Migration Companies: The Top 3 Companies You Should Be Using

January 4, 2023

Choosing the best SAP service provider usually requires a lot of in-depth research. And weighing up the respective pros and cons of different cloud migration companies can end up being quite complicated!

A good SAP solutions provider will help you to migrate data to the cloud. Moreover, they should be able to assist in installing or upgrading any SAP product. Examples include SAP HANA—the new database—and SAP S/4HANA, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built for that database.

Understanding what makes a service provider effective goes a long way toward helping businesses make the right choice. By assessing the most important factors and then applying these criteria to three of the top SAP cloud migration companies, this article will help you find the perfect match—whatever your specific needs.


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What Makes for a Great SAP Solution Provider?

The best SAP service providers have several features in common. These include years of experience, a focus on security, awareness of their own limits, and having a wide network of resources to draw on. In addition to these factors, you should also make sure that their attributes align with your unique requirements.

Leading cloud migration companies combine these strengths in a comprehensive package of services, assuring reliable deployment, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance.

Experience and Expertise

A company that has earned its stripes as a leading SAP provider will have years—even decades—of experience. As such, they will have mastered the software and have the certifications to back their abilities. Moreover, they’ll make a point of only hiring the most skillful employees in the industry.

With the benefits of SAP expertise, these cloud migration companies produce thought leadership on relevant topics. Further, they’ll likely have a lengthy and well-established track record of cloud migration proficiency. One of the first questions to ask your potential SAP provider relates to their present clients. This type of knowledge will help you gauge how much experience and expertise the firm has.

Safe and Secure

Trustworthy SAP service providers understand the importance of customer data and work relentlessly to protect your information. For instance, they’ll only use established practices and systems that restrict outside access. Further, they should ensure that data is only stored in physically and digitally secured infrastructure.

An ERP system interacts with many different parts of your business, including core areas necessary for survival. The top SAP cloud migration companies recognize the responsibility you’re entrusting them with and take appropriate actions to keep your data safe.

Knows their Limits

No matter how skilled and experienced your SAP solutions provider is, they need to understand their own limitations. After years of working with clients and various SAP technologies, they should know exactly what is—and isn’t—feasible.

Reputable cloud migration companies will be honest about their capabilities. Instead of agreeing to any idea that comes up, they’ll admit when a proposal seems unworkable. As a result, you’ll only hire them for credible work that will add value to your business.

Wide Network and Resources

Good SAP service providers have likely developed a large support network. They’ve accumulated many resources, tangible as well as intangible, over the years. During this time, they’ve also accumulated the necessary resources to manage all sorts and sizes of projects.

Examples of relevant resources include technical knowledge and business contacts. Well-connected firms will have attended numerous industry events, and have engaged with SAP themselves. Further, due to managing the many SAP environments, they’ve developed the right software tools, equipment, and knowledge to deliver what their clients need.

Top SAP Cloud Migration Companies

Now that you know a bit more about what makes a great SAP solutions provider, let’s look at three SAP cloud migration companies that are currently at the top of their game. Each of these companies has established itself as a prominent entity within the industry. By choosing any one of them, your SAP objectives will be guaranteed to succeed.

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3. Logicworks

Logicworks helps companies migrate from traditional, on-premises systems to the cloud. Their specialization is transitioning to Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms. In addition, Logicworks has experience with health and finance companies, which makes them familiar with common regulatory compliance and security issues.

One of Logicworks’ attributes is reworking applications to use cloud hosts, including programs from SAP and multiple other vendors. Data can then be stored in cloud-based databases, with Logicworks handling the configuration and migration. With a team of engineers, the company has supported customers’ IT operations for several decades. They are a reliable service provider and earn third place.

2. Capgemini

Capgemini offers a wide range of technical services to practically any industry—from aerospace to telecommunications. They assist clients with cloud deployments using technologies such as automation. Further, Capgemini works with the largest cloud hosts—known as “hyperscalers”—to deliver scalable solutions.

Organizations that partner with Capgemini are able to remake their applications from traditional to cloud-based. As a source of SAP products, they have supported users in many countries, and have the relevant certifications. Moreover, Capgemini is an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner. They have the size and skill necessary to rank second among cloud migration providers.

1. Approyo

Thanks to their emphasis on SAP solutions, Approyo is the ideal partner to help clients realize their cloud migration goals. In addition to providing global support 24/7, Approyo focuses on cloud solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. Furthermore, they are SAP certified for multiple operations, including the HANA database as well as cloud and infrastructure.

Having over a thousand SAP environments under management internationally, Approyo delivers exceptional service that you can count on. Their offerings include consulting, secure cloud management, and monitoring, as well as a custom tool based on predictive analytics. Moreover, Approyo is proud to deliver complete SAP cloud support—one of the many advantages that seal its winning position.

Choose the Best SAP Solution

The best SAP solutions providers have an abundance of experience and expertise, and they make your data security a top priority. Despite possessing extensive capabilities, they also recognize their own limits. Additionally, companies such as these rely on the wide-ranging networks they have built up over years in the industry.

Logicworks, Capgemini, and Approyo are the top three SAP cloud migration companies presently taking on customers. Working with any one of these firms is a sure way to improve the prospects of your SAP project.

Finally, remember to factor your company’s specific needs into the equation when choosing an SAP solutions provider. This is a vital consideration if you’re serious about securing the service that’s right for you. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about SAP and cloud migration, contact Approyo for more information.

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