Rimini vs. Approyo: Let’s Compare and Rank These 2 SAP Tech Giants

August 30, 2023

SAP produces some of the leading technology solutions for enterprises globally. This software fulfills many needs, but its complexity means it’s important to have reliable support. Third-party SAP support providers such as Approyo and Rimini Street address this need with expert help. However, there are differences in the quality and types of support that each provider offers.

When deciding on an SAP provider, consider factors like their responsiveness to your needs, their certifications, and their understanding of infrastructure. Additional areas of importance are security and compliance, the ability to manage custom solutions, and their costs. Approyo delivers a well-rounded mix of these advantages compared to Rimini Street.

Third-party SAP support contributes to all aspects of successfully running enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. While support is technically available from the vendor too, it’s usually quite limited and bureaucratic. By contrast, a firm specializing in support delivers fast and full-featured assistance that leaves clients satisfied.

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Features of a Third-Party SAP Service Provider

A third-party service provider offers cost-effective support for SAP application management, custom code, migration, and many other important areas. You also have more control over the direction and technology than if working with the vendor. Independent support is a valuable way to enhance your performance now and for the long haul.

While supporting your SAP software, a service provider can also manage your infrastructure. That adds security while saving you time to focus on core business activities. Another benefit of working with a firm like Approyo or Rimini Street is that they can extend your legacy enterprise systems beyond the vendor-support date.

What’s more, an independent service provider can supplement your team with adaptable IT capacity for the many challenges outside of ordinary vendor support. They give you 24/7/365 response with emergency detection and prevention. In this age of growing digital threats, you need a trustworthy partner.

Third-party SAP support is the fast lane to innovation. Whether you’re taking on a digital transformation or streamlining operations, it’s smart to work with an industry leader. Approyo and Rimini Street both offer support for enterprise software from SAP. Let’s explore how they compare so you can make an informed choice.

Rimini Street: Software Support With a Rich History

One of the better-known service providers for SAP and other enterprise software is Rimini Street. The company focuses on cost-cutting measures for enterprise software from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and others.

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Key Services Offered by Rimini Street

Among the main services for Rimini Street clients are SAP support for products including S/4HANA, ECC/Business Suite, and Cloud Products. These technologies cover the basic functionality of an enterprise, such as human capital management and logistics.

S/4HANA is the latest enterprise resource planning software from SAP. While Rimini Street discourages companies from upgrading to this from older ERP systems, it does offer support to those who want it. Its service covers both new migrations from ECC and existing installations of S/4HANA.

Additional Rimini Street services include:

  • Custom code coverage
  • Mandatory software updates to stay legally compliant
  • Rapid support for technical issues
  • “Root cause analysis” to understand and resolve problems

These services provide adjustable levels of IT staffing—companies can add technicians in response to growth. The client pays regularly recurring bills and can create tickets to receive support services as necessary. The low cost and fast responses are Rimini Street’s two main selling points, over depth of knowledge or service excellence.

Customers can contact Rimini Street at any time of day. Its support applies to cloud and on-premise deployments, as well as hybrid environments, and services target both the strategic and operational levels. These support areas encompass applications, databases, and professional services. The company also attempts to provide security services.

Pros and Cons of Rimini Street

Rimini Street advertises steep price discounts and faster customer response times compared to vendor support from SAP. And unlike direct vendor support, Rimini Street will cover your custom applications.

It also boasts of supporting older SAP products for 15 years after official support for a product has ended. That’s relevant for organizations that want to keep using ECC after its impending cut-off from SAP support. Instead of being forced into a complex upgrade path, you can plan your roadmap around longer-term goals.

There are several other areas where Rimini Street differs from SAP vendor support. For instance, Rimini Street’s support extends to system performance and interoperability with other systems, unlike SAP support. The third-party provider also has advisory services for cloud, security, and licensing considerations.

Is Rimini Street Really Low-Cost?

Even though Rimini Street presents itself as the low-cost option, the total cost of ownership (TCO) may, in some cases, add up to more than the alternatives. Part of the company’s cost-cutting comes from a reduced quality of service.

Security is another concern as Rimini Street has been sued by the makers of enterprise resource software. In fact, a recent United States District Court ruling hit Rimini Street’s business hard, piling onto previous legal woes the company has experienced over the years. The ruling states that this service provider engaged in security practices deemed lacking and dishonest according to industry standards.

For instance, Rimini Street relies mainly on firewalls, which alone do not provide a comprehensive defense. With critical elements of business depending on data security, this is no time to take unwarranted risks.

In short, Rimini Street’s IT service management is a somewhat comparable model to Approyo’s but without the dedicated focus on your SAP needs. While the pros and cons of Rimini Street make it suitable for companies in need of a sharp discount, most organizations would do better with the market leader Approyo.

Approyo: Comprehensive SAP Services for Competitive Advantage

Approyo is known as the industry leader in providing SAP services. It delivers comprehensive support that’s unmatched in its breadth and quality. With years in business and more than 500 SAP environments under management, Approyo is the standard-bearer for this segment.

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Comprehensive SAP Services by Approyo

Approyo offers a range of SAP solutions, including functional support. For each business function, the company provides configuration and associated services. For instance, Quality Management modules institute quality controls from your supply chain to sales. It also supports other core SAP modules like Project Systems and Functional Help Desk.

Whichever structure your organization has, Approyo will find optimal ways to apply SAP software to solve the relevant business problems. This is what the service provider does—it delivers full SAP support. It also addresses your system upgrades and migrations, including to S/4HANA. Other services include software acceleration and stabilization and user education.

What’s more, Approyo support for SAP HANA produces unequaled business intelligence. This in-memory column-oriented database differs from conventional databases, so it’s important to work with a service provider who understands the HANA way of doing things. They’ll help you get the most out of big data by making it faster and easier to digest.

With end-to-end support for SAP HANA, you can run all aspects of the enterprise on this streamlined platform. Approyo can even structure your database to attain real-time information-processing. The company’s services turn a customer into an agile and cost-effective digital organization.

SAP HANA Support

Approyo’s comprehensive SAP services handle both mobile and cloud applications. Customers also receive assistance with analytics, drawing actionable insights from business data. As a result, processes become more efficient and boost profitability.

Companies that want to migrate to SAP HANA for these benefits can trust Approyo and its simple process:

  • The procedure starts with an evaluation of which specific solutions can bring the greatest advantages.
  • Then, the client assesses the choices with an Approyo demonstration system.
  • Next, the service provider performs the migration according to industry best practices.
  • Continuing support keeps the system running smoothly for years. You can also customize SAP HANA further as your organizational needs evolve.

As with Rimini Street, you can apply Approyo support on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid situations. Multi-cloud installations are also supported. The service provider determines which precise configuration would optimize your solution, considering both your use cases and your budget.

The entire process results in a fast and affordable deployment. Because the Approyo-backed SAP HANA solution runs so efficiently, clients can cut their expenses for now-unnecessary storage and IT staffing. Reliability also goes up, with consistent monitoring for security and performance.

Finally, SAP HANA is a valuable platform for developing custom applications. Companies can create apps that do tasks not already included in the core functionality. Approyo helps clients integrate their own applications and other related SAP tools such as Analytics Cloud. The cost structure is built on a subscription model where you only pay for what you use.

SAP S/4HANA Support

The SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning system is designed exclusively for the SAP HANA database, and Approyo supports both the ERP and the database. The revolutionary S/4HANA enhances performance while adding functionality for effective business planning. It also handles regular transactions to function as the workhorse of your IT strategy.

Here are some key benefits of Approyo support for S/4HANA:

  • Companies can determine the most efficient route to revenue generation. This technology uses machine learning on both internal and external data sources. As a result, it improves outcomes better than alternatives like ECC.
  • It’s the complete solution for adding digital intelligence and automation to your enterprise. Innovative features such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and business infrastructure unlock opportunities to excel in the market.
  • An analysis reveals how to make the necessary data available for processing as you take ideas into production. The service provider can also integrate SAP S/4HANA with any of your existing applications and operating systems.

What’s more, a roadmap workshop outlines the ideal method to implement SAP systems for your needs. Data migration ensures you have all the structure and content to move to the future seamlessly. Finally, the deployment itself instantly empowers clients to use the hottest new features in S/4HANA.

SAP solutions such as HANA and S/4HANA can run in the public cloud or in other environments. The large public cloud offerings deliver practically unlimited scalability. Approyo works with leading providers to deliver SAP on Azure and SAP on AWS Cloud. These rank among the most popular and highest-performing cloud architectures on the internet.

Advantages of Working With Approyo

Working with Approyo gives you access to the most trusted SAP service provider. On top of the benefits you get from other service providers, Approyo identifies and resolves vulnerabilities. It also uses established frameworks for migrations.

Two of the main advantages of working with Approyo relate to guidance. As a highly experienced service provider, it finds ways for you to maximize your return on investment (ROI). In addition, this firm will identify ways to boost the overall efficiency of your business processes using SAP software.

Approyo also supports your customizations and performs functional problem-solving to find and fix any issues in your tech stack. Instead of having to maintain outdated legacy systems, you can bring all your data into one super-fast solution: SAP HANA.

What’s more, Approyo offers anytime monitoring, help desk functionality, and reliable data backups. It can adjust your system or respond to challenges whenever needed. Essentially, the provider’s comprehensive services ensure that your SAP solution works without you having to worry about it.

Unlike Rimini Street, Approyo focuses exclusively on SAP. Plus, Approyo is SAP-certified in HANA operations, meaning your SAP system will reach new levels. The company also understands how to improve performance, security, and governance specifically for your needs. Generic alternatives simply can’t match Approyo’s depth of knowledge and experience.

Get the Best SAP Service With Approyo

A third-party service provider will improve your operations significantly, from security and performance to cloud migrations. But the differences from one provider to another make it important to select the best there is. Two of the main competitors in this space are Approyo and Rimini Street, and Approyo is the clear winner.

Approyo offers more comprehensive solutions than Rimini Street and has multiple SAP certifications. There’s too much riding on your enterprise data to risk going with anything less than the proven expert.

Entrust your mission-critical systems to Approyo, which has a demonstrated ability to deliver rock-solid performance and stability. Organizations around the globe rely on Approyo’s complete range of services to create and maintain SAP systems. The company will even lift your tech environment to record performance.

The best part? You can enjoy these advantages at an affordable cost. Contact Approyo now to make the most of your enterprise software.

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