Is PaaS the Right Option for Your Cloud Environment?

March 23, 2021


What is PaaS?

PaaS stands for Platform-as-a-Service and is a service offering where a provider delivers a platform to customers, for a development environment in the cloud, including servers, storage, networking, middleware, development tools, database management, and business intelligence services.

PaaS Solutions are offered on a pay-as-you-go plan and have easy access through the internet, with cloud-based applications being offered by cloud service providers. With typical PaaS solutions, customers are in charge of managing the developed business applications and services, while the cloud service provider manages everything else.

What are the Benefits of PaaS?

  • Pre-coded application components decrease time it takes to code new ones
  • Pay-as-you-go makes this solution more affordable than upfront purchasing
  • Ability for simple cross-platform application development
  • Ability to create an integrated environment with building, testing, deployment, management, and update capabilities
  • New capabilities save money on labor costs and increase productivity of staff
  • Accessible from anywhere over a secure internet connection for easy collaboration
  • Time-to-market is faster
  • Easily scalable to fit customer demands
  • Ability to create new APIs and interfaces
  • Advanced analytics for better decision making based on customer demand.
  • Better Master Data Management (MDM) for governance, compliance and policies.

When do I Consider a PaaS Platform?

  • Your business needs better infrastructure performance. Hiring a PaaS provider gives you the knowledge and expertise your team needs to optimize your application stack for the best possible performance.
  • You want to reduce infrastructure costs. PaaS solutions have automated scaling capabilities, based on demand, that can reduce your infrastructure costs by 50%, eliminating the cost of your idle infrastructure.
  • You need 24/7 run-time. If your internal team lacks knowledge of infrastructure management, then downtime is more probable. Having a PaaS provider means that your infrastructure is managed on a 24/7 basis, therefore issues are solved in minutes rather than days.
  • You need guidance to choose the best option. Making mistakes when it comes to combination of infrastructure solutions can lead to costly upkeep and maintenance. Having a PaaS provider will erase this problem from ever occurring, because their job is to create the best option for easy management of your cloud environment.
  • You don't have application developers, but no in-house DevOps team. The PaaS provider takes care of development and setting up your software, while your team focuses on the applications rather than the platform itself.

According to Gartner, The global PaaS market is projected to grow by 26.6% to reach $68.9 million in 2022. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting business operations around the world, the need for business continuity is a large reason for the rise of PaaS. Although SaaS remains the largest market segment.

Approyo has the expertise to keep your SAP environment operating smoothly at all times. As a leader in the cloud industry space, we provide expert services for cloud migrations and support, with the ability to maximize your SAP investment. With ongoing managed services, including SAP Basis support, monitoring, development, business intelligence services, and more, we are able to provide clients with end-to-end PaaS solutions tailored to their business. If you're looking to take advantage of PaaS's benefits for your business, contact us today to learn about what Approyo can do for your business.

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