SAP/HANA Jobs: The Most Lucrative Professions of 2023

August 8, 2023

The Most Lucrative SAP HANA Jobs of 2023

The SAP HANA system offers fast performance and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven functionality to businesses, making it vital to the tech economy. This enterprise software system marks a huge turning point in functionality, bringing new opportunities. For instance, the IT sector has seen significant growth of SAP HANA jobs, some of which are particularly high-paying.

The best-paying jobs require certain hard-to-find, SAP-specific skills, including software programming and platform, business and analytics, and general methodology skills. There are tens of thousands of well-paying SAP HANA jobs for people with these capabilities. Among the most lucrative are technical architect, solutions architect, and portal consultant.

However, companies often struggle to find enough skilled employees, particularly when it comes to SAP. Even in highly developed countries, 40% of the adult population lacks digital skills. What’s more, as technology increases in importance, the skills crunch will be more concerning. With the full transition to S/4HANA nearing, the right skill set will make IT professionals indispensable—and boost their salary potential.

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SAP HANA jobs are technical in nature—they require people to understand and use enterprise software. The relevant skills can be learned from educational institutions and on-the-job training. And as employees develop their skills further, they also improve earnings.

IT experts should develop these skills to remain competitive:

Programming Skills

Coding the logic behind an SAP enterprise solution is a core skill. The main programming skill is Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). This is SAP’s programming language for data-processing in business applications. The capability lets people customize SAP HANA-based applications for an organization’s unique needs.

The next most important programming skills are SAP Fiori and SAPUI5. Fiori is a design language for creating user interfaces on desktops and mobile devices. SAPUI5 is a framework for creating web apps. Both let experts create applications that make complex database applications simple for everyone to use.

Other valuable programming skills are also applicable. For example, one can code SAP applications with Java or JavaScript. Enterprise software can grow quite large, so there are countless SAP HANA jobs for programmers.

Platform and Technology Skills

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) combines several automation technologies, including AI in a cloud environment. These features can streamline business practices. So, platform and technology skills will add to an individual’s earning capacity.

Even with no-code tools, one can apply data skills. And because SAP provides substantial industry-focused context, this work moves the organization ahead. With the enterprise platform and technology running in the cloud, where more and more business occurs, these skills for SAP HANA jobs also have broader utility in the IT industry.

Business Application Skills

The skills necessary to perform business functions with SAP HANA are also among the most in-demand skills. Enterprise software enables companies to break down silos and increase productivity. However, it requires competent employees who know how to manage the business applications.

As more software migrates to the cloud, digital transformation calls for appropriate tools. For instance, RISE with SAP is made just for this purpose. Experts use it to move applications and data to the cloud. To do so, one should understand how business processes work and how to optimize them through continuous innovation.

Big Data and Analytics Skills

The amount of data used across all industries keeps growing, as does its complexity. It takes intelligence to comprehend how big data influences business. Analytics tools have developed considerably over recent years and are now seen as essential to holding SAP HANA jobs.

Methodology Skills

A higher-level category of skills than working directly with data and applications is called methodology. SAP Activate is basically a project management approach founded on agile methodology. Enterprise software has many moving parts, so methodology skills are necessary to keep operations on track.

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The Most Lucrative SAP HANA Jobs of 2023

With the right skills, IT professionals can overcome a competitive job market and land well-paying SAP HANA jobs. These jobs can be done with an SAP service provider like Approyo or at enterprises that use SAP software.

The highest-paying jobs generally require previous experience and a demonstration of accomplishments. Effective use of SAP technology relies on knowledge that takes years to build. So, employees should start expanding their skill set now to align with these in-demand SAP HANA jobs.

SAP Technical Architect

An SAP technical architect generally comes to this position from engineering or related work. This architect oversees the complete design and implementation of applications. The job requires in-depth technical skills such as programming. An SAP architect earns approximately $110,000 to $191,000 per year.

SAP Solutions Architect

An SAP solutions architect has a broader job than the technical architect. The solutions architect is responsible for the entirety of SAP systems, not just the technical components. As such, this job places an emphasis on more general capabilities such as methodology, communications, and technical skills.

The solutions architect ensures the systems fit organizational needs and finds new opportunities opened by the latest software. The salary range is $145,500–$215,000 annually.

SAP Portal Consultant

An SAP portal consultant helps clients make the most of their enterprise software. The consultant works for a service provider like Approyo, supporting the service user’s staff and operations. This position typically pays $86,000 to $136,000 a year.

Identifying secure and efficient ways to process data, the consultant leans on a wide array of technical and business skills, including platform and business applications. They also often have programming skills such as ABAP, plus big data and analytics skills.

Advance Your IT Career Through SAP HANA Jobs

The skilled and dedicated professionals who now hold SAP HANA jobs are busy helping enterprises succeed. As technology and data use continue to advance, these positions will become even more critical. Many of the most talented people work for SAP consulting services like Approyo. These experts are available to drive your cloud transformation strategy.

Approyo delivers 24/7/365 security to hundreds of clients globally. Planning to migrate your data to the cloud? Looking for a partner who knows what’s best for your business? Call Approyo now for a free consultation regarding your data migration matters.

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