Ask Approyo: What is a Cloud Center of Excellence?

September 3, 2021

Center of Excellence

What is a Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE)?

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a team of individuals responsible for identifying and managing the best-practice approach to their clients' digital transformation strategy. It is a cross-functional team of people responsible for developing and managing the cloud strategy, governance, and best practices, acting as an IT consultative business unit, that the rest of the organization can leverage to transform their clients' business using the cloud. The team leads the organization as a whole in all cloud projects, including implementations, migrations, and overall operations in the cloud.

Why is it Important?

As an IT company grows, adding more employees, more teams, and departments, it can all get quite complex. With each team having its own specialties, it is still important to have the teams working together to share their knowledge. The Center of Excellence identifies the gaps of missing information and shares them among the various teams. This creates unity and better organization, leading to a more efficient workflow and improved outcomes for customers. It is what ensures that all customers have a consistent and positive experience from beginning to end. The Center of Excellence's goal is to promote innovation and overall improvement of internal operations, in the end creating better operations for customers. With better communication and shared successes, the teams benefit from motivation and understanding of the company's business goals.

The Center of Excellence combines a range of different purposes:

• Measuring success - Analyzing results from the beginning of the project to post-migration.
• Training and Skills Assessments - Offering staff internal training, e-learning, and encouraging them to earn new certifications, etc.
• Support - deliver shared services, policies, training, templates, communications, etc.
• Technology - Standardize the process of integrations, migrations, deployments, etc.
• Governance - Oversight on access, usage, performance, data management, etc.
• Best Practices - Direct staff based on the organization's goals, knowledge centers, standardized processes, and tools.

Approyo can Help Transform Your Business

Approyo's leading team of SAP experts along with its' Center of Excellence ensures that our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. With a solid strategy in place, we are able to provide accelerated cloud services and support for our customers around the globe. We specialize in providing implementations, migrations, and integrations for companies utilizing SAP platforms and applications. Want to learn how Approyo can help your business? Contact us today!

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